Halloween VIP And General Admission Ground Floor Show Tickets

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Child Ages are 12 & Under

Infants Are 3 & Under

Sorry no Infants allowed in VIP Sections.

(VIP Tickets Only) Guaranteed VIP Preferred Seating. Center Section Seating or Choice Private Tables Early Admission into Al's Four Deuces Lounge with Casino Chips for table games or Instant Admission at Show Time. Included choice of beverage from available options and a take home Souvenir Shot Glass in the Pre-Show Lounge. First in Line Privileges, First to be seated and First access to the Buffet and Carving Station

(All Tickets) Admission into the theater, Reserved seating at the show,All-you-can-eat Italian/American fresh, hot buffet, Dessert, All-you-can-drink (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) beverages - over 15 selections,Fun and laughter (at no charge)

 Our new show is sure to have your gang talking the talk, walking the walk and singing the songs. Just don't go singing to the coppers it wouldn't be so good for your health!

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Big Al here... Let me tell yous 'bout our Halloween alternative for those of yas that hate bein' scared to death. The wise guys and gals have gotcha covered with a special witness protection program. On Halloween night we're offering all of the treats without any tricks.

Hate witnessin' all those scary movies? Me's too. Hate witnessin' your gang payin' over $100 each to get the livin' daylights scared outta em at a theme park? Me's too. Hate witnessin' all those neighborhood rug rats gettin' candy just handed to em? Yous got it, me's too. 

Skip the regular Halloween activities and join my witness protection program. Capone's Dinner & Show will protect their guests from the (para)normal Halloween activities by providin' a fun alternative. Enjoy an exceptional show, all-you-can-eat dinner and a special gift, without a single trick. Join me and the gang on Halloween!

Shot GlassHalloween Special Offer

All yous family members that want a treat without a trick, we're plannin' somethin' extra special onHalloween. Every paying adult in your gang receives a free souvenir shot glass!

FedoraGot little ones? Maybe they already did their trick-or-treating and want a break from the frights too. On Halloween, the little ones in your gang will receive a free stylish fedora!